Saturday, January 1, 2011


(my list of things I posted in Jan to do this year! I did them all!)

1. I want to read at least 50 books again. (I read 74!)
2. More family trips! (A few. Deployment makes it so you can't do a ton)
3. Take one more thing off my bucket list. (I took 2 off this year!)
4. Go to church more. (YEP!!)
5. Take up a new hobby. Sewing maybe? (Not sewing but I got really into making scrapbooks online)
6. Survive another deployment.....ick. (YEP!)
7. Send Landon off to Kindergarten...and not cry. (Did this to!)
8. Get more involved with Landon's school (Yep! I help out often)
9. Get more involved with church activities. (Yep. Now that J is home I get to go to the book club)
10. De clutter my house! (Ehhhh still working on this one but I did some)

A few more to add.

1. I got my license
2. Got my first job like commitment at the Aquarium
3. Learned how to do things I never thought I would(like putting air in my tires and re-registering my car. Haha)
4. Flew with Landon without help from another adult!
5. My bestie had ANOTHER baby! Yay!
6. Got baptised!

(Things I want to do this year!)
1. Go on a big family vacation
2. pay off my car
3. Cook dinner more often and try new things
4. Get even more involved with Landon's school
5. Get even more involved with Church
6. Read 75 books....? (50 for sure!)
7. Strive to be the best mom/wife I can be
8. Do something that makes me happy (join a gym, cooking classes...ect)
9. Learn how to drive J's car!!
10. Learn something new and/or meet new people.