Friday, January 21, 2011

Get to know me!

Thank you for the amazing questions! Here are the answers! If you at anytime want to ask more, go for it! I'm always up for answering anything you want to know!

What are the best tips you have for surviving a deployment? Keep busy and set goals. I know everyone says it, but it's soooo true! If you have things you want to get done before they get home you will be busy. I always make a list of things I want to accomplish every deployment(find a new hobby, make a new friend, learn a new skill...ect).

Best things to put into a deployment box to surprise your sailor?  The birthday box I sent my sailor was his favorite. I sent party supplies for him and his friends, hostess cupcakes(with a candle), a video of little and I wishing him happy birthday and a little gift. He LOVED it! He even has pictures of some of the guys with his party stuff. lol.

Best book you've read in the past year? It might be silly, but INKHEART. Something about that book made me fall in love. I got it(and the next two books) for Christmas from my best friend and I'm really excited to read it again!

What's your most irrational fear? I have two. One is serious and one is a little silly. Serious- my husband(and/or little) getting in a car crash. Fear overwhelms me when he goes anywhere in the car without me. I can count on my hands how many times he's driven with Little without me. I also only have a VERY small handful of people that I don't have a panic attack with when they take Little somewhere. It's bad. Silly- I can't look in the bathroom mirror at night without the light on. I just can't. It freaks me out way too bad! I reach in and turn the light on before I step in the bathroom. lol.

Do you have any career aspirations? Yes. I want to own a bakery one day. I LOVE to bake and I have to say I'm pretty good at it. Ever since HS I've wanted to own a little coffee shop/bakery. Maybe when we are out of the Navy I can make my dream come true.

Do you root for any sports teams? Sure do! I'm surprised I don't post about it much. While I grew up in Seattle and root for the Hawks.....we are die hard Eagles fans in this house. When my husband was growing up and getting into football he only had a few channels. He would watch McNabb play when he was in college and when he got drafted J kept with him and rooted for the Eagles. Now YEARS later(and McNabb gone) that is our team.

What is the oddest "quirk" you have? I have slight OCD.....I like things color organized. My movies and clothes are the worst.

If you're husband hadn't joined the Navy, which branch would you have wanted him to join? When my husband was getting ready to join, he went into every military recruiting office and asked what they could offer him with the ASVAB score he got. The Navy had the best deal. Not only does he make a little more because of his job, but the training he has because of it will be great once he gets out. I don't think any other service could have offered us what we have. Not only that but as strong as I am, I couldn't do 18 month deployments. I will take 6-8 months and little ones in between.

If you could do it over again, would you even opt for military or would you want him to be a civilian? We were married before he joined the navy so my answers won't be too amazing. I would 100% choose the military for our family again. I remember what it was like to struggle for money when we first got married. He made nothing compared to what he does now and he had a good job! I would have had to work and no way could we have lived in a nice place, it just couldn't have happened. We want for nothing now. He has a stable job and we're not worried about making rent. This life is amazing compared to what we were facing.

What advice or comments do you have for someone who has a husband about to enlist in the Navy? Keep your chin up. It will get better. Be as supportive as you can. Know that what he's doing is great and be proud. I see a lot of wives who hate it from the beginning. Yell about the hours and time away. I do my best to never do that. I tell my husband to stay late and help if he needs to, because in the end it looks good on him. He's known for helping out and not ducking out. If he plans on being a lifer, then he needs to do the best he can to do as well as he can. Does that make sense?


Jen said...

I have the same "silly fear" about the bathroom light!!! I HATE HATE HATE having the light off at all in the bathroom and our mirror is right next to the door so when I leave, I always go out than stick my hand in and shut it off with my head turned the opposite way :) I think it has something to do with the whole "Bloody Mary" game.

My loving husband used to think it was so funny to turn the light off when I was in the bath tub just to watch me flip out... now I lock the door before I take a bath!

Meshelle and Ken said...

Just wanted to say I completely agree with you on pretty much everything lol!! I found it funny how much we had in common!

Eights on the Move said...

Love your answers to my questions :) Let me just say, I'm totally the same way about the bathroom. I think horror movies have warped my mind - think of all the times that someone goes into the bathroom, turn on the light, and a bad guy is behind them in the reflection!

Jenn said...


I haven't you ( or anyone!) in a while, but I wanted to say Congrats on getting baptized!!! And also, I found what you said about not looking in the mirror in a dark room totally awesome! Glad to know I'm not the only one who hates mirrors in dark rooms!!! They're creepy, right??

Glad that you hubby is home and you seem to be doing well. I look forward to keeping up with you again!

Jennifer said...

I just found your blog and would like to say nice to meet ya! I read a few posts and was like, wow, we have a lot in common. I too was a Navy wife, for ten years. He spent 14 yrs as a Nuke on a Sub (he's now disabled unfortunately..)so I've lived in WA twice and NY twice. After his early retirement we settled in WA.I'm from Saratoga and that's where we met 13 years ago. I love your respect for what they do and how you encourage him to be the best he can be. You are a great navy wife!