Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy Birthday to me!

Well. Kinda. It was yesterday.

The weather has been nice here. Not too cold for being winter in New England, but not warm enough for my liking.

We had big plans to stay the night at the aquarium the night of my birthday....then it snowed and it got called off. Not only was my kid heartbroken, but I was to. We hadn't planned anything else since it was going to take most of the day and all night. It was the first time my hubby had been home for my b-day and I felt like it was going to suck(yes. I had a girl moment when I whined like a little baby)

Boy was I wrong. It ended up being one of the best!

Of course I got the most amazing flowers from my husband and an IOU to get a cover for my new kindle when Vera releases them later this month! Then he suggested we all go sledding on our big hill by the house. I was a little ehhh about it. To tell you the truth, I've never really been sledding before and didn't really have a desire to do it. But we got ready. I was uber cranky. Not as bad as I could have been but I was bummed. We headed down our street and for the next hour and a half had the time of our lives!

This was the beautiful view going to the "little" hill. We were walking in almost a foot of snow at some points!

My boys.

Landon getting ready to go down on the sled for his first time ever!

He loved it!

Snow always takes my breath away. I always stop and stare at the wonders it exposes. Everything looks so magical.

Landon getting ready to go down the "big" hill.

Me and my little on my birthday.

Landon wanted to take pictures of J and I. He's so cute and I think they turned out alright...even if I wasn't wearing any make-up. Haha.

After the fun in the snow we headed back to the house for hot drinks(Cider & Cocoa). Then we went and got snacks, a movie and pasta from my favorite place, Pauls!

After we ate and Little went to bed, J and I had a movie night on the couch. It was the perfect end to a perfect day. The Best birthday by far.

Flowers from my love. He had them put all of my favorites together! and they were in the cutest vase I've ever seen!

My friend Bri even sent me flowers! So cute and had the sweetest car with them. I have such great friends. I don't know what I would do without them.

My flowers!

I'm a lucky lady. I really am.


Bit of Blue Sky said...

Happy belated Birthday!

Amanda said...

the snow looks amazing!! and i miss sledding! looks like your little boy had a blast, the video you posted earlier was so cute! and happy birthday!!!

Poekitten said...

Happy Belated Birthday! I'm glad you had a great day:)

TonyaRenea: said...

Well, Happy Birthday!

Also, I'm asking some questions about base libraries and I know you read a lot, so if you'd be interested in helping me out with my research, please email me.

Thanks and Happy Birthday! Glad your hubby was home for it.