Thursday, March 24, 2011

Whoa there!

I love my kid. He's nuts, but I love him! He's picked up a few things at school that I had hoped would have come at a later time. Language is one of them. We aren't big cussers in our home. We don't even say shut up to the dog! I'm not saying we are perfect, we cuss sometimes and Little has heard his fair share of things but he's NEVER said anything back.

On Monday we had a bunch of the single guys from the boat over for dinner and board games. It was getting late so J and I put Little to bed. He had gotten in trouble for not listening so he had gotten something taken away. He was upset and was throwing a minor fit about it, then started whining that he wanted J to stay up and snuggle longer. When J said that he couldn't because he still had company but would be happy to come up after they left Little got VERY upset. He kept asking over and over while J was saying no. It got to the point where J just tucked him in and left.

I was in my room folding some laundry and Little had no idea I was in there.

After I heard J go downstairs I hear out of Little's room "...Asshole".

I walked into Little's room and he KNEW he was caught. I called for J to come up and deal with it(since it was said to him not me I thought he should deal with it(How it hurts feelings and isn't nice)). Little knew he was in trouble and now his thing that was taken away for one day is now taken away for a week.

As I'm writing this I can't help but laugh. He's a kid and he will try to push us. I know this. After J got done talking to him and all I could do was laugh and say "At least he knows the right context to use it!" Haha.

After talking to little about it the next morning I found out it was the "problem child" in the classroom that had taught him the word on the playground a few weeks ago.  I know these things are coming(heck I learned about sex on the school bus from a friend) but still, I don't know how to prevent it from happening again or being something worse next time.

He knows it was wrong(and why it's not very nice) and has promised not to do it again(until at least age 16). I hope he means it. For the most part he's wonderful and never does things like this, but I know every child does it at some point. I remember being his age and asking my mom what the Eff-word meant. Haha.



Eights on the Move said...

Aw, man! Outta the mouths of littles :) I remember when my mom told me to take a bath one night, I said "over your dead body". That was my first experience tasting liquid soap!

(Wild) Rice said...

Ha ha ha. My first experience with saying 'naughty' words in front of my parents was when I was 11 maybe?. We were watching Jaws. The scene where they shoot at him with the harpoon gun was on and I said "Oh sure, just piss the damned shark off." My father just stared at me then asked me to repeate myself. I left off the 'damned' the second time. But, yeah..forgot to leave out the 'piss off' parts. Oops. Tongue met Dawn that night.

AndreaLeigh said...

Oh, I am not looking forward to these days! Yikes!