Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sticks and stones......

Friendships end and with it come harsh words said.

I had a friendship dissolve about a year ago. It was a hard decision that took some time to make. It crushed me at the time and now, months later, I still think about it sometimes.

I try not to say anything hurtful because we were good friends and I don't have anything unkind to be said...except the way things fell apart at the end. I was hurt and crushed by some of the things said/done and while I don't publicly yell it from the roof tops, my close friends listened to the tears as I explained.

Now, I'm hearing things from other random people. I try not to let it get to me, but it bugs me. The latest almost got to me. But my husband told me to stop and think about it.

I was told that I think my son "walks on water". Now, I don't agree with the phrase that was used, but yes, I do think the world of my child. He messes up. He's not perfect. But, I couldn't ask for more from him. He's a sweet, only child who does very well in school. He's kind and thoughtful and a huge help around the house. I love spending time with him. I never long for summer vacation to be over and for him to be out of the house.

So, I would say I'm sorry that I think my son "walks on water" but I'm not. I'm proud of the child I raised and I honestly think most parents think as highly of their child as I do mine. and in a weird way, if that's the worst someone has to say about me, I must be doing something right.