Tuesday, May 4, 2010


We've lived in Connecticut for the past 3 summers. Each summer my husband has been deployed (we should have had last summer together but they surged). But each year before they leave we manage to get in at least one good BBQ. It was Finlay warm enough this past weekend to have our first one. It was a blast!

We had tons of food and we ate way too much. I think we had about 12 people here and the weather was perfect so we were outside most of the afternoon.

One of the guys from the boat suggested we play spoons. We don't have alcohol in the house so we played with HUGE cups of water. If you were left without a spoon you had to drink it within 45 sec. First to puke or pee was out (it was decided though, that if you had the balls to pee at the table you were still in).

No one puked......but everyone ran to pee at the same time. It was great. We had a blast and my throat was killing me from yelling and laughing so hard. and I may or may not have accidently spit a mouthful of water into my sons face........

  • Sarah & David (our new-ish neighbors)
  • J drinking ANOTHER cup. He was mad that he sucked so bad.
  • Bri had to pee sooooo bad. Her husband was making it worse for her. lol.
  • I wanted to take a nice picture. J gave me this.

We had a really great time. We are so lucky to have such amazing friends here.


mommymichael said...

i was really disappointed that the in-laws showed up. they're starting to do this without really letting us plan for it.
MIL gave us the option to leave the kids with her and FIL.. but yeah, that wasn't going to happen either. so we sucked it up. all of us ended up going to chili's for lunch. (they got here at 10am) and didn't leave until 3 or 4.
sorry we missed it. =( i've been dying to play spoons!

Emily said...

that is such an awesome game! and you all got hydrated in the meantime!

Amanda said...

that looks like so much fun!!

Nakia Stewart said...

It is a wonderful thing to have some excellent friends. Most of my friends are away in college and it's hard to catch up wth them. So treasure your friends dearly.