Monday, November 10, 2008

My Family Crest!

So now I have two pieces of art from Becca. I LOVE her crests and had to have one. I wanted to it to a blend of everything that makes us who we are. So to explain what it all means. One is my Scottish family Crest, one is an arrow head for Justin's Native American heritage, of course the submarine for well....what Justin does for a living then last one is a mix of two things....Justin and my first date was in Seattle at Pike Place Market it was amazing! I have blogged about it before so I will spare the mushy details. So its the Pike Place sign and a picnic basket because everywhere we move, the first thing we do is set out to find a new picnic spot and after we do we know we are home. Its the one constant in our ever changing life. So Pike place is a symbol of what started it all and the picnic basket is a symbol of what we will always have.

The first rough draft.

All drawn out.

Final draft!!!

She can make one for you to! Go visit


Sheena Marie said...

I love it! So creative!