Friday, November 7, 2008


I have been kind of out of it for the past week or so. I just feel.....vacant. I know I'm just in a deployment hump and I hope to get myself out of it soon. I have amazing friends here who have been keeping me busy and that's always nice. Yesterday Casey watched Landon for a few hours at her house so I could get a few things done here. In the few hours that she had him I got soo much done! My house is cleaner then it has been in a while. lol. Then Casey and Niki came over for dinner. I made something new and was surprised that we all liked it so much. We hung out for a few hours and played my Wii and with Landon going to bed so early now it was nice to be able to hang out with friends and just talk. I just hate that now with Landon going to bed early that means I have to go to bed early. So my normal hang out with friend till 2 in the morning is now hang out with them until 11 and by the time I walk them to the door I'm so tired I can barely stand. Lol. The joys of having a child who wakes up early.

So here is to hoping this deployment finishes off quickly and that this hump will soon be over.


Sheena Marie said...

I like your humps! :)

Anonymous said...

Well hopefully Sunday will help with both our humps.

~His~ said...

Wii was so much fun and niki said she was exhausted after wii the running was hard