Friday, November 28, 2008


I have all of my shopping done! Well for everyone but Justin that is. Here is a video of what Landons "big" gift will be. It will be the big gift he gets when Justin is home since we can't do our big family x-mas on time. He will get a few small things and santa will visit on the real christmas.


Matt and Maren said...

KIM!!! i thought i could get your email address from your profile page but i was wrong:(
your house has such pretty stuff in it, that must be nice!!
you seem good but i'm sorry your hunk has to be away. i wish i could come and visit you again and pull your hair back when you throw up.
and landon is such a handsome little man.
so my email is
send me yours cause it would be fun to talk with you some more.

Anonymous said...

this is random but you will definitely appreciate it.