Monday, November 3, 2008

Dryer, Dryer house on fire.

I was making dinner when I looked out of my bay window and saw a guy jumping around without a shirt on. After about 30 seconds I realized it was Mark, my neighbor and a good friend of mine and Justin's. Then my phone rang, it was Jessica telling me that her house was on fire. I rushed over there to help as much as I could. I ran over to Christa's house and told them to get out since they were connected to Mark and Jessica's house. I think a total of 5-6 fire trucks came to put the fire out. I took the baby for a little while so they could get everything figured out then Jess and the baby came over to my house. Niki and Casey were already over hanging out for the night so it was a party at my house. Lol.

Herd of Fire Men.


I ordered pizza for Mark and Jessica since she was just starting dinner when the house went up and figured that I would feed everyone.

Everyone is fine. Not too much damage to the house. The drum of the dryer caught fire somehow but they got it under control and everything is alright now.


Jenny Strong said...

WHOA! I am glad everyone is ok...thank goodness the fire department is like 2 seconds away. You need to post pictures of your new furniture...I can kind of see it in the last picture!

Anonymous said...

omg!! do they need anything? are they living there or elsewhere?

kkrowan said...

They are doing fine. They are in Temp housing for the week but can move back in after that. Not too uch damage just the dryer and then some of the clothes got water damaged.

Everyone is fine and no one got hurt. They were very lucky.

Sheena Marie said...

And Matt says I suck at laundry... lol Good thing they noticed it in time!