Saturday, February 7, 2009

Landons Birthday Part 2

It's really hard on my mom living so far away from me and my little family. She tries so hard to do things for every holiday. The hard part is that she doesn't just like to send a little gift, she likes to go all out! This is what came to the door on Landon's birthday. He was so excited he wouldn't stop running around the house with it. I finally had to threaten to pop the balloons (i know I'm a mean mom....but it worked). The bear is now proudly sitting on his headboard in his room.

The bear. Named Elliott.

His balloons......

He RAN to get in the picture. He claims to have super speed.

These next few pictures are from Landon's Birthday dinner at Ranforest Cafe. We had a blast! They sat us right next to a HUGE fish tank that we watched the whole meal. We have taken Landon to Rainforst many times before but not in the last year or so, so this was the first time that he has really enjoyed it and it was so much more fun because of it.

The drink he wanted. Lol.

It was soooo big! But he loved it!

My boys. I always take so many pictures of them together. Maybe its because of the times we don't get while Justin is deployed. You have to make up for them sometime!


Anonymous said...

my mom always called them the "absent parent" pictures.

we don't have many pictures of her with us because she was always the one taking them. so she makes an effort now to at least get another one with her in the picture. =)

i'm horrible about doing that. cause i'm always the one behind the camera.

Lishak said...

Wow that drink looks really yummy! I hope he had a fabulous birthday!