Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A little of this..and that!

I forgot to post what Justin got me for my birthday oh so long ago! I feel so bad for Justin having so many things so close together. First Christmas, my Birthday two weeks later, Landon's Birthday at the beginning of February then Valentines Day a week or so after! Poor guy!

This is my new baby! It's all 7 books in one. I'm excited to read it, but it is going to take forever! This book is so thick!

My Eagles jersey for the die-hard fan my husband has made me! I love it! It even has sparkles in it! Totally Kim right?!

And this is my shiny thing he promised. I love it. Its so beautiful it takes my breath away. He's so good at picking jewelry out for me sometimes I swear he should be gay! Lol just kidding! I love my husband!

in other non-gift news!

I change my background a lot. Mostly because nothing ever really fits me quite like I want it to. But I have found it...well made it. I think it fits! I will get stir crazy at some point so I will end up changing my header at least every few months or so. But I'm hoping this sticks! I have also re-done all of my other blogs.

On a different note. Please don't take pictures off of my blog without talking to me first. I doubt I will mind. I just don't like seeing pictures that I took on other peoples pages. So please ask.

I hope everyone has a great week!


Tonya said...

Aww, what a man, what a man! Lucky girl :)

Sheena Marie said...

I'm stealing all your pictures and making a collage to hang above my bed so I can stare at you all night!! :)

AndreaLeigh said...

great gifts! love the jersey!