Friday, February 20, 2009

Things I love. Family edition.

#1 Let me just start off by saying that I love my husband I really do, but he does do a few little things that drive me up a wall. He loves cereal. Every morning he always eats it and always leaves the boxes on the counter! I swear I could tell him until my face turned blue to put them away but he just doesn't. He says that hes in a hurry and he forgets to run it back to the pantry. AND he always leaves the box open. He doesn't mind stale cereal so much but I sure do!

So the point of this story? I bought this and all of my problems were solved!

I bought 3. One for Justin, me and Landon. Each person can have one kind of cereal at a time (unless they like to mix). I keep them on top of my fridge and its perfect! Justin can't say he was too rushed since he has to put the milk away and its in the same place, and the cereal never goes stale since it has an easy lid!

Lol on to more things that I love!

#2 Landon got a ton of great things for his Birthday. I thought this was just too neat to share.

It's called My Little Sandbox. It's about 12x12, comes in a little wooden box inside of a cardboard storage box, has quite a few little toys to go with whatever theme, a shovel, rake and sand. Landon got the construction one and the pirate one (see below). He will sit at the table and play with it for hours! It can get messy but nothing the vacuum can't clean up.

This is the pirate box. It has a ship, monkey, alligator, treasure chest with treasure, 2 pirates, a tree and a parrot along with the shovel, rake and bucket.

They also make tons of other ones. Here is the mermaid one. They also have dinosaurs, doggy daycare, beach, farm, princess castle and even a nativity scene. Check them out! I bet they would even be fun for a desk at work! Kinda like a rock garden but way more fun!

#3 Hot cider mix.
I seriously can't get enough of this! I'm a tea kinda gal but I have seriously turned into a trader! I have to admit that I do make it a little stronger then most would. But I love it and so do the boys!

#4 Picnics!
The weather is just now getting warm enough that we can go again! It was so hard not going on picnics this summer while Justin was gone.
9 out of 10 times we eat the same things. I cook for a few hours and make Chicken Parm, Pickle Pasta and some amazing desert! We always stop and get drinks then head on to where we are picnicking. Justin and I have been picnicking forever. He proposed to me on a picnic while we were at the Camano Island State Park many a years ago. Lol. Then once we moved we kept it going. We have found a picnic spot everywhere we have moved. I love it!
We might be going tomorrow if the sun stays out....but I doubt it will.

#5. Road Trips.
I LOVE them! I never want to drive 3,500 miles again...but little ones are still great! Justin and I have our best talks when we are driving and when we aren't talking we rock out and sing as loud as we can to our ipod. I know that we are lucky and Landon has always been GREAT in the car. He has never been a crier.


Jenn and Eric said...

I love road trips! Its the ONLY time Eric and I talk about things other than the kids and the boat. Plus, there is just something freeing about taking off and heading down the open road. (even with the kids in tow)

Bri0213 said...

I love road trips too!!! I've been trying to get Louie to go on a picnic with us but it hasn't worked up :( booo lol

Anonymous said...

ditto on the road trips yo!!!

when we were driving back from landon's birthday party.. i kept trying to slow down so you could see nate rock out on air drums. he kept stopping, but i think you eventually saw him...

~His~ said...

You did it!

AndreaLeigh said...

we have good conversations on the boat. somehow we always talk about what we would do if we won the lottery. it's fun to spend that money in our heads. :)

loves the sandboxes!

Tonya said...

I have those cereal things too - love them! My husband always cleans up after's I that leave the messes...but at least I do NOT hum while eating my cereal! That drives me insane!!!