Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Have you ever put something somewhere (or so you thought) so that you could find it again when you needed it?

Here is my little ditty of a story.

Before I left for Washington in August I gave two of my great friends here my house keys. One I also gave both sets of car keys to as well so that she could start Justin's car and move mine if needed. The other set of keys was set aside with the house key gone to stay with my friend while I was gone. I remember standing with Mandy in my kitchen taking the house key off to give to Casey. I remember her setting them on the counter.

I left for Washington. Got back a month Later.

Left for Bahrain. Got back 12 days later.

My mom left.

My mind left.

Couldn't find my keys ANYWHERE! I searched everything! I got all new furniture in every room of my house so I turned everything upside down thinking maybe, just maybe it got under something. I checked every closet. I checked both cars. Nothing. I even called my parents and had them check their house. Nothing.

Justin got home and we lived with one set of keys. Meaning he was the only one who could lock the house, check the mail and drive a car.....unless we wanted to take the keys apart, but we already know what happens when we (I) do that.

So two nights ago we went out to dinner with friends of ours. I was getting dressed and couldn't find anything to wear. I decided to wear my new jeans (for all who know me please pick your jaws off the floor. Yes. I Kim wore jeans). I wanted a hoodie to wear with them so I ran down stairs and grabbed a massive CWU hoodie off my coat rack. Ran up 2 flights of stairs and hurled it onto my bed...when I heard something jingle. NOOOOOO!!!! ohhh yes. In the front pocket of my hoodie, after being missing for 6 months I found my set of keys. I don't even remember wearing that sweatshirt anywhere!

It wasn't in the safe place I thought I had put it. But hey I can check the mail while Justin is at work now!


Strong "er" then you! said...

HAHAH sounds like something I would do! John has found my keys in the fridge or in the cabinets a few times.

Stephanie said...

Hahaha that's fantastic! I do that all the time.
Hope things are well with you :)
Give me a ring sometime if you want to hang out...lord knows I'm home enough!

Bri0213 said...

haha your too funny!!! whatcha doing tonight while Justin's on duty???? If you get bored and wanna visit lemme know i'll come get you and lan!

Sheena Marie said...

That's my Kimmie!! And yes, my jaw did drop!! :)

Anonymous said...


yeah i'm very much like my mom in that fact. that's why we bought key box to hang by the front door. and i hang them there as soon as i come in.

Tonya said...

I've so totally done that - but not for 6 months! I bought some gift boxes for Christmas set them aside where I just knew they'd be...guess what? I found them last month! haha

. Becca . said...

Yay! I lost a set of keys in Groton, and never found them. Grrr. SO SO annoying. Luckily J was a good sport about it. After all, a week later he jumped into the pool with his cellie in his pocket.

AndreaLeigh said...

oh girl, i do that all time. most often in the mornings, when i'm late to work. go figure.