Friday, February 27, 2009

Back in the swing of things

Justin has been home a month and a half now. Apart from the pictures we now have plastered on the walls, it feels like he never left. Everything is perfect.

My only compliant is that he has been working so much the past week or so. He's one of the first ones in and always one of the last out. I love that he loves his job and he doesn't mind staying longer to get the job done, but its wearing thin on him. He comes home and hugs me so tight and says that he thought of me all day and how much he wanted to come home. Sometimes it harder when he's right down the road working long hours then it is when he's out to sea. When he's gone, he's gone. But now its a waiting game. Is he going to be home at 2? or maybe not till 8 tonight. Do I make dinner and hope its still warm when he gets here? Or do I wait and hope its not too late to get it in the oven.

The joys of being a military wife.

But I have to say my house has stayed spotless the whole time he's been back (well not on standdown since messes seem to follow him). I want him to come home to a clean house if I can't guarantee dinner will be on the table. But I have loved every minute I have got to spend with him. I even conned him into watching the Lakers game in bed last night so we could cuddle instead of him sitting in his chair watching.

He has duty tonight. Booo. So I think Landon and I are going to eat some random unhealthy dinner and make some big gooey desert to go with it. Then maybe I will camp out in his bed with him tonight. Who knows, the possibilities are endless when Daddy isn't here to rain on our parade. Lol.


Blonski fam said...

I girl know your pain all too well:)!! I love reading your blogs- they are always so fun. We miss you and are glad your hubbys home for a little while!!

Sheena Marie said...

Haha I had oreos and milk for dinner last night because Matt wasn't home. :) We are totally soulmates!