Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Lost Photos!

Justin left...then came home again a week later. He wasn't gone very long but it felt like forever! I guess I got spoiled with him not having to leave for a few months. I've been slacking on the photo updating so here is a MASS post and they aren't really in order...sorry.

Playing with Christmas gifts! Landon loves his new easy bake oven and Justin loves my pink snuggie. Lol.

We made cookie pizzas! He loved them and I refused to eat them.

My boys on our movie night...watching 9!

Theses ones are form Christmas morning.
Poor beans! He looks so sad when I pick on him.
The boys opening our family gift from Santa.....gotta love super mario brothers!
Justin passing out the gifts. A Christmas story on in the background!
Landon playing with his new submarine. He loves it!

This is when he first came into the living room and saw everything.
Tree with just Landon's presents. lol.All of them on Christmas morning. My camera was fuzzy due to my little nephew Cameron playing with it.
Flying home from Grammy & Papa's house.

The gifts I gave to his teachers and bus drivers. Snowmen jars had cocoa, hot cider, tea and candy in them!
The mugs had the same just not the candy and more of the drink mixes. I put them together myself! And they were a hit!
Landon and I made a plate & mug for Santa! It was so much fun. This is going to be something that I keep forever and use every year.

Ok that's it for now!


Crazy Shenanigans said...

I'm completely jealous of that easy bake oven! I wanted one when I was a kid and never seemed to get it! Looks like he's having fun with his!