Sunday, June 6, 2010

Dig it?

Are you a "dig it"?

I think I'm somewhere in the middle. I love the navy, and what it's done for us........but I don't have navy stuff plastered all over my house. I have a few sub paintings here and there and I have pictures from last homecoming framed on the wall. But not much else.  I've met some people who HATE the navy but for some reason have more navy stuff then I thought was made. lol.

I don't wear "Navy Wife" clothes or have stickers on my car......but I do consider myself a Proud Navy Wife. I am proud, not only of my husband but of his work and the things that go along with him being in the Navy.Also, as you can see, my blog is all about being a Navy Wife, but not much else is.

What do you think makes someone a "dig it" what they have in their house? Or their attitude toward the military? and where are you on the "dig it" spectrum?


Tiffany said...

We are definitely not a dig it family. And we are pretty low on the spectrum. We don't have Navy paraphernalia, we don't have Navy pictures or awards hung on the walls, we don't have Navy stickers on our cars, and we don't go around broadcasting that he's military. We don't even own or display patriotic things. I appreciate the good things that have come from the Navy, but we have also dealt with some really crappy stuff that they have done to us. We aren't lifers, and we are ready to do our time and get out. I don't know if I would even use the phrase "Proud Navy Wife" to describe myself. And I can't remember the last time I even referred to myself as a Navy wife, period. I am always proud of my husband, no matter what he's doing. But I am his proud wife, not a proud Navy wife.

~His~ said...

This could be a long post so I won't go all out. I think it has a lot to do with the military material however your attitude is part of it. The material part of it is what gets on my nerves the most...I don't want to be the postergirl for the military. I guess I like the clothes more than anything else though but I've always been that way.

Stephanie said...

I think it takes a little from both areas. The people who are "dig its" to me are the ones who have Navy stuff all over their house and constantly praise the Navy and talk of nothing else. I have no problems with these people. I respect them and hope that they respect my very NON dig it nature. Both my husband and I are of the mindset that being a sailor is my husband's job and not our life. We both try to lead lives as civilian as possible. I was my own person and still am now that I'm a "navy wife". I very much long for the days of shore duty when we can really pretend like we're civilians :)

Jenny said...

LOL a dig it is a tool the guys call on the boat.

Never heard it used as an actual name to label yourself wise. I know John would always call his tool he used (that has a million things on it) his dig it.

I have his Navy stuff plastered all over the walls...his certificates he earned while doing deployments. We have some awards up and also some pictures of the sub when they did Ice-X.

I think we are neutral I don't have things plastered on my car saying Navy wife in my house or clothes. But I am a Proud Navy Wife in my heart I just don't flaunt it lol.

I dunno where I am going with this but you get the idea.

Amanda said...

wow, ive never heard that term before! i think i'll be a lot like you, a few homecoming pictures, maybe a few pics of his ship but not much else. Maybe a "Navy Wife" sticker on the car (if it's extra cute)and MAAAAYBE a Navy tee. but that's it. :D does that make me more of a "dig it"? haha!

Southern Comfort said...

I haven't heard that one! LOL

We are definitely not. I do, however, have great pride in being a Navy wife and I'm very proud and supportive of my husband. He hates the Navy though. I don't...but I also don't like it much either. He would die if we had Navy memorabilia around the house...and honestly, I'm too much of a "decor geek" to have any of that stuff suit my taste. And I've never owned any spouse clothing...I think it's tacky. I have nothing on our cars either...for safety reasons.

Southern Comfort said...

And I agree with Tiffany completely!!