Thursday, June 3, 2010

"House Rules" Final week!

We're done with book 2! I will post tomorrow about the pages and such for next weeks book.

We are going to do something a little different again this week. I have final questions I found for the book online for us to answer.

Here we go.

Week 5 (final week) Prompts:

Spoiler Warning: These book club discussion questions on House Rules by Jodi Picoult reveal important details about the book. Finish the novel before reading on.

1.Did the title of the book, "House Rules," clue you in to the solution of the murder? Why were the house rules so important to Jacob? I started to really see the connection. He kept saying over and over that he was following the rules and he HAD to do it.

2.Did you guess what happened at Jess' house before the end of the book? I didn't guess. I knew due to a shabby review I read early on. Stupid people should put warnings. lol.

3.Was it believable that Jacob would try to cover for Theo without understanding that he was implicating himself in the murder? Yes. Without a doubt. Not only was it  his element  to notice something like that but to twist it that way he wanted it. He almost made it into a game. But it was a rule. He's very serious about the rules and he knew he needed to watch out for his little brother (and get to be the big brother for once).

4.What do you think happened to the characters after they went to tell the judge about Theo being at the house? Were you upset that there was not more of a conclusion to the story? I have no idea! But I really wish they would have told us! Jacob should have gotten off of the murder charge, but you never really know.

5.Do you think an insanity defense if appropriate for someone with Asperger's? Why or why not? I don't know. I can see the point they had about how he just "snaps" and can't help it. But he's not insane.

6.Do you know anyone with Asperger's syndrome? Did the descriptions of Jacob fit what you know of that person? All I know is Jordan, but not in a way that I could really judge it. All I know is he is super loving and loves dinosaurs (or was it just animals?).

7.Did you learn anything new about Asperger's syndrome? Tons. I never knew everything that went with it. I'm sure not all of this was 100% correct but reading from Jacobs point of view was really neat. Knowing what he was thinking made things different while I was reading.

8.What did you think of Oliver's romance with Jacob's mother? I loved it! I think he's so good for her and he really cares about both of the kids. He understands Jacob is different but tries to treat him as normal as he can.

9.Rate House Rules on a scale of 1 to 5.  4. I wanted more of an ending.


Jen said...

I am going to try and post tonight. I have had a REALLY busy week/weekend. Hopefully I can get it written tonight!

~His~ said...

Finally Finished! Thanks for making me read it!