Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Father's Day gift.

When J is deployed I like to get him one gift for each month. For June, we made him a pair of PJ pants.

I couldn't find plain color PJ's so they had to be made. Just a simple PJ pattern was all it took (and the hunt for the right material).

Then we took red and yellow fabric paint (you can use any color, we just needed it to match a shirt we had), put it on Landon's hands and went for it!

These are the supplies before we started. Make sure you put bags inside the pants so it doesn't bleed through.

We started with one color on side one, did color two on side one, then switched to side b.
Not the best picture of Landon. Lol. But he had a lot of fun making these for his Dad.

We sent a few cards with him for Father's Day also.....and I let him know that I understand the creepy factor is high with these pants, but it's the thought that counts.


Cassie said...

I think that is a really cute idea!