Sunday, June 13, 2010

Landon's first "Daddy Gift"

I think I've mentioned this before, but when Justin goes on deployment he gets Landon a gift for every month that he is gone. I love that he does this and it's so special for Landon. The gifts always go along with something that is happening that month.

Landon's first gift came last week. It was supposed to be for May but it came a few days late due to the time it takes to make them (which is fine, he will just get two gifts this month!).

He was sooooo excited when he got home from his last day of school and had a package waiting!
Opening the package......
His face was priceless.
It's a Daddy Doll! He packed it around all day and told me he wanted to wrestle with it. lol. He's excited that he gets to sleep with it and that he even gets to take it home to Grammy & Papa's house in a few weeks!

I know they are a little creepy, but all of the kids I've seen that have them absolutely love them! You can even put a voice box in them if you want to (no I didn' would have made the creepy factor way too high for me).

Go here to see the dolls and order one. They also make stuffed animals with picture T-shirts on or pillows and pillow cases.


Blessing said...

I saw one of those, I wanted to order them but i thought it was creepy. Seeing your son holding it, it doesnt seem that bad. My husband just joined the army, we havent faced deployments yet, he is actually still in training.

KK said...

Haha I thought they were creepy to. But, my son loves his! I wanted it mostly for my cross-country trip I'm poor husbands "doll" is going to be taking pictures with everything.