Sunday, July 31, 2011

New House Part Two: Paint!

I knew right away that I wanted to paint at least a few of the rooms. So the day we got the keys, I had paint for the living room and Little's room sitting in my car! We painted that afternoon with the help of 6 missionaries from our church! It was a ton of fun.

I do have to admit, that I was that crazy person, who taped paint samples to her wall weeks before hand, just so I knew what colors I wouldn't get sick of. Thank goodness It worked! I'm not sick of the paint I picked...and everyone else seems to like it to!

PROOF that the hubs CAN and WILL paint walls!
(He claimed he would never help me paint!)

The living room almost done!

Little's room almost done!

What 8 hungry boys did to my empty kitchen!!

All done! Just has to dry and be de-taped.


Going into Little's finished room!

He LOVES it!

It looks great with all of his stuff and we even added Hungry Caterpillar decals to the walls!

For now, this is all the painting we are doing.  A piece of me really wants to do the master....but I can't settle on a theme for my bedding let alone pick a color for the walls!


Ana said...

Looks great! I always regretted not painting in our last place, and here it isn't an option. Next time, though, we'll paint for sure.

What's the rule of painting in housing there? At Bangor, we had to preapprove the colors (they didn't want them too dark), and had to paint over it when we left.

KK said...

Same rules. The lady at the office told me that my colors were too dark and that they were going to say no....but they said yes! I was so excited! I was worried I was going to have to do my whole house is pastel colors. lol.

It's funny how paint much such a difference in a house. I'm glad we painted here, but I'm also glad we DIDN'T paint in the house we just left.