Monday, August 1, 2011

New House Part Three: Things!!!

I love that everything is coming together. I feel much more at home in this house and I think it shows.

With the added paint in the two rooms, the themes we had picked out before seem to "pop" even more. Then with the added bathroom, we gave Little the freedom to pick any theme he wanted!

He picked sea life/submarines! I love it!

Here is the bathroom.

The shower curtain has subs on it, then a fish rug, sub toothbrush holder and a whale soap dispenser!
His bathroom is also a really good size! Big enough that you can get dressed in there and not feel like you are bumping against the walls.

Then I added decals! This little sub is L's favorite!

Crabs, sea horses, jelly fish and bubbles are all around the walls. We even have a dolphin and a school of fish somewhere in there.

With the decals and the sub holder on the toilet.

Now on to Little's room!

We really tossed the idea around of letting him pick a new theme(space was on the top of the list). BUT I asked him is he liked the hungry caterpillar still and when he said yes, I decided to milk it until we leave here in a few years. I promised him new paint, decals and a few new things to add to it and he was sold!
His bedding with the painted walls!

Decals! We added a border of the food that was eaten in the blue all around his walls, and a skinny caterpillar, fat caterpillar, cocoon and a butterfly are all spaced out to!

Little loves this one hanging from his TV hutch. Right next to it on the blue wall is the caterpillar like I just hatched and flew away he says.

He loves all of the things on his walls and this past weekend we bought some things to add to it all. We got a shelf that we are going to use his room paint on, some room letters we are going to paint and add things from the book to, some canvases that I hope I can paint decent scenes from the book onto and a big white piggy bank that I hope to do the same with! I will post them as I do them...if they aren't that bad. lol.

Now the living room!

We got these couches in SC when we lived there almost 5 years ago! They are still going strong and are in perfect condition! We've always had the red/brown theme and I haven't wanted to switch it up it stayed!

J and I picked out the same rug at the store!(I love when it's that easy!). Our living room is a little smaller then our old one was, but we also have it "turned" the other way so that makes a big difference.

All of our DVD's.....I swear we watch them! Haha.

Mine & J's chairs. His is the stupid brown bucket one that he RUFUSES to get rid of! One day I will win and it will be banished to a different room!

I hope you enjoyed our little tour! I might post the rest as I get them done, if I ever get them done. lol.


Eights on the Move said...

Looks great! I love the fun decals for Little :)

Amy Young said...

I really love the new place and all that you have done so far. Good job!! You dive in headfirst like I do... overwhelming? maybe. but the after product is always worth it!