Friday, August 5, 2011

Leftover room paint makes me happy!

We have a little over 1/3 left in each of the gallons of paint we got for Little's room and I knew I wanted to do something with it....I just had NO idea what! So, while my MIL was here visiting, she got Little this really nice shelf at the craft store. It was just plain wood and I knew instantly what I wanted to do with it! So a few nights ago I went to town with the shelf and the paint!

Getting ready to start!

Little helping me!
(the paint we had for his room has primer already in it so it was SUPER easy to cover the shelf!)

Half way done!

Finished! Just needs to dry now!

Hanging on the wall!

My best tip for hanging things lately(especially in base housing) is those amazing 'Command' strips! The large picture hanging ones say they hold 20 lbs! I did 4 of the large ones and 4 of the small and even putting some pull into it, it won't budge! AND I love that it won't leave a mark on the walls when it's time for it to come down!!

While I was having fun with paint I also turned his UGLY black lamp into this.....

It looks soooo much better now!

And it goes with his decor so much better!

Ps. That little cubby thing....AMAZING! I feel like his room is finally done! One or two more(small) painting projects and he will have the room I've been hoping to give him for a long time!