Wednesday, August 3, 2011


One of the things I really love about living here is all of the different things they have to do(for all ages). Landon is trying so many different things this summer and he is loving it! One of the things hes really taken to is sailing! I never would have thought my kid would sail boats, but he now knows a little on how to do it!

This past week, he spent a few hours each day on a sailboat in the water a few miles from the house. He would come home and tell me all different things he learned. He even told me they practiced capsizing one day! I love it, and I love that he is so open to trying new things!

Here he is on his first day of camp leaving our house. He looked so stinkin' cute in all his gear!

Day 2 was a little nicer so he didn't need a sweatshirt.

One day when I got there he was so excited to show me all of the different knots he learned!

Picking him up on the last day.

It is so pretty out here, I just love it.

Landon is really finding his "spot" in all of the activities around here that J and I are talking about possibly staying here for good.....we shall see!