Thursday, February 9, 2012

Mad Science Birthday Party!

This past weekend, Little had his 7th Birthday Party! It was a HUGE hit!

When the kids arrived, they were stopped at the check-in table. There they got funny Dr. names, a name badge and a goodie bag with glasses and a mustache. Then they headed into the main room and did sticker sheets while everyone else arrived. (the check-in table was so much fun. The kids got really into the names they were given and the glasses and mustaches were great!)

(all of the decorations!)
I made keep out & disaster area door signs and we had eye balls hanging in all of the doors.

After everyone was there and settled, we got ready for the science experiments! First we did 'Instant Snow'. The kids got a kick out of the growing snow and I highly recommend having large plates they can dump it on to play with it! Haha. Those plates saved me! Next we did SLIME! We let the kids mix the slime and shake it. It was so fun to watch what kids were in to it and what ones thought it was gross.

(Little with his experiments)

Next, we ate! I froze candy brains & eye balls into ice cubes and we served them with sprite and water. We also had jello petri-dishes with worms and pizza(brain-bit pizza, eye ball pizza and penicillin pizza). Little wanted lime cupcakes with lemon frosting this year! What a combo!


After lunch we did cake and ice cream.(and a few family pictures)

(I love his get-up for the party!)

When ate was done and the party was winding down, the kids got in a line and I filled their goodie-bags. We had test tube candy, bags of blood, petri-dish lolli-pops, Radioactive Rods(glow sticks), gummy eyes, brains and other body parts, sticky eye balls and other little trinkets. They also got to keep their slime(if the parents okay'd it!)

(Table of goodies!)

It was a really great party and I'm so glad everyone had a great time! Little is so blessed with so many amazing friends here. It's going to be hard when a lot of them move away this next year.


Sam Ames said...

What a cute idea Kim! I bet he loved it! Hope you guys are doing well! ~Amber

Sam Ames said...

What a cute idea Kim! I bet he loved it! Hope you guys are doing well. ~ Amber