Monday, October 20, 2008

Bahrain Skype!

Lol not the best picture in the world of Landon, but he was soooo excited to be able to see his dad. It was good being able to talk to Landon when i'm so far away. He screamed when he saw Justins picture pop up on the computer. They talked about everything and even had a little roaring contest. I'm also really glad that Justin got his laptop, now we get to talk more when he's in port.

Today is my last day with Justin. I only have a few more short hours left with him before he heads back to the boat. I have had so much fun with him this past week. Right now we are laying in bed, watching a movie, playing on the computer waiting for roomservice to bring us pancakes.....ohhh the life! I have a few more little things that I need to pick up from the NEX today then its back to the room to be by myself for the night. Who knows that Stephanie and I will do with our time. Maybe I will finaly get myself to the pool.

I'm off for now. I will post more pictures when I get home in a few days.


~His~ said...

ohhh...i like the cabinet!!! (behind landon) not that landon is super cute but i like the cabinet...i miss you!!! call me sometime i should be home tonight and will be exhausted but maybe we could do something next weekend

Sheena Marie said...

Hello Lover! Enjoy your last day with your hubby! I'm so glad you got to spend time with him there, and that it turned into such an amazing trip. Miss you both!!