Saturday, October 25, 2008

Girls nights!

I have a friend who's husband works with Justin and they happen to be really good friends. Erica and I met before we knew how good of friends our husbands were. She came over here for a party and told me that she hasn't met any wives from the boat and that she really didn't want to. We clicked right away, then found out that we both have little boys about the same age. So the 6 of us are friends.

Anyway, she was going to go to the children's harvest party for the boat today but when I told her that Landon and i weren't going she (well they) decided that coming over here was a better idea. So Erica and Braedon came over. We got pizza for dinner and we played Wii. The boys played upstairs forever (which is always nice) and left us to chat and play. Its so nice hanging out with her. She wanted to know all about my trip to Bahrain and told me many times how much she hates me for going lol. I got a ton of new furniture (pictures are coming soon I swear!) so she spent a little while helping me decide where to put things and the best way to arrange the living room. I had so much fun just hanging out with her. I'm so lucky to have such great friends here.

As much fun as I have had in the last month and a half traveling, its good to be home. I miss Justin so much and I wish I could have stayed longer with him, but I have a lot I want to get done here before he gets home. I hope I will be busy enough for the rest of this deployment that it will move quickly. I feel like seeing him and being in his arms gave me that extra little boost I needed to finish this thing out. Wish me luck!