Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Movie Night!

At least once or twice a month Landon and I do movie nights. We get out our chairs, our big white blanket, pop popcorn and get movie candy. Then we watch a movie most of the time its a new one but sometimes we will watch a "classic". Tonight was a classic movie but a new one in our home. Sleeping Beauty. He loved it and so did I. I haven't seen that movie for years so it was fun to sit and watch it with him. We turned off all of the lights and with the weather being so nasty it kind of set the mood for the movie. He covered his eyes when the dragon came and had to get up and dance when Aurora was singing. Its times like today that make me remember why I love being a mom.

Then he got tired and it all went out the window. Lol.

All of our Movie get-up!

Me and Lan.

He had to get candy that his daddy likes, even though he hates raisins. Lol.


~His~ said...

omg...me and nicky totally sit in our chairs like that...but we get all kinds of crap food...way more unhealthy!!! adorable though

Sheena Marie said...

How stinkin cute!! Matt and I just bought that movie, its one of my favorite Disney classics. Haven't watched it yet though. We should fly over for a visit and have a big movie night!!