Friday, October 17, 2008

Pure Bliss!

Tree of Life.

Justin and I.

Stephanie, Jimmy, Justin and I.

Hahaha this was soooo funny!

He was really cute and super friendly!

Wall at the Hard Rock Cafe.

I am having the time of my life here in Bahrain with Justin. We went to the mall here yesterday and Justin boutght a laptop (so due to wi-fi i'm sitting in our hotel room!), which I thought was cool due to the fact that it came with plug ins for every country. So whatever port he pulls into he can always hook his new laptop up to.

We went out today and went to the Tree Of Life and while we were there we saw a herd of camels. Our taxi driver told us that we could walk down there, so we did. We were able to touch and even sit on them! They are HUGE! I Think just their humps are well over 6 feet. They have the same hair as horses just a bit longer. Then for lunch/dinner we went to the Hard Rock Cafe. It was really neat going to one in a different country.Here are a few pictures from today.


Anonymous said...

nate wrote our names on the tree of life. did you see them? He wrote Nate & M. Cherise

Jen Strong said...

Glad you are having fun and love the new hair cut!

~His~ said...

i'm so happy for you!!!