Friday, October 3, 2008

Here we go!

My stay is still going great here in Washington. I love this state. Don't get me wrong I really like Connecticut, but its just not the same. At first I thought it was. They are both very green and definitely have 4 different seasons. After being here for a few weeks I finally realised what it is that CT is missing.....Mountains. They are everywhere here! I love looking up and seeing the snow covered caps. Going up to Canada and being at Whistler for a few days made it even worse. Still I like the East Coast and I doubt we will ever leave.

I'm getting ready to go on a trip. I'm stoked! I get to see my husband! I can't say when exactly I'm going or exactly where I will be. But I will post tons of pictures when I get back! I'm nervous to fly overseas but Stephanie has been more places then me and I'm sure she will have a good idea about what we are doing. Lol oh so I hope.

So wish me luck!


Lishak said...

Have fun and enjoy your husband! Make lots of memories!

Matt and Maren said...

kimi!! how i've missed you... you got a wedding announcement right?? well last fall semester was really crazy for me. i could only talk to you on myspace and it's blocked on campus and the internet never worked at my apartment. i didnt even have a phone number for you anymore cause my phone broke... life was crazy for a few months there. it's better now. we've been in wa since we got married but just moved the middle of august... we just missed each other.i'm glad you got to go back and spend time with family though. we're in idaho again and i'm SO glad you found my blog!! life HAS changed quite a bit for me in the last year. and i'm glad you are doing good. how long will justin be gone?? let's just email each other cause i dont get on myspace. ok deal!! hugs.