Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Only took two days.

I've been so busy this past week, well, few months really. I thought once Little was in school full time I would have all this free time to myself. Wrong. I'm busy. Most of it is by choice but I'm busy none-the-less. I've really been enjoying my time at the Aquarium. I never thought I would be able to do so much there. It's an experience I will never forget.

Here's a little-mini run down of my day with the Penguins:

I start at 7:30
  1. I help clean the main rooms where they stay if it's cold out.
  2. Wash down walls and doors.
  3. Walk down to get 20-30 lbs bucket of fish.
  4. Prep fish(Check to make sure they are good)
  5. Sit outside on exhibit to log feed.
  6. Spraydown exhibit.
  7. Clean fish prep area.
  8. Take bucket down and sort unused fish and clean bucket.
  9. Break at 10:00.
  10. Come back and clean or move things that need to be moved.
  11. Lunch at 12:00.
  12. Get fish to take back for 2nd feed.
  13. Prep fish.
  14. Assist log with feed.
  15. Spray exhibit.
  16. Clean fish-prep area.
  17. Go clean 2nd bucket and sort the fish.
  18. Read anything that needs and work on my checklist.
  19. Bring everything inside that needs to come in
  20. Make sure weather is good for penguins to stay out.
  21. Go home at 4:00!
I'm busy all day and only sit down at lunch time. But, I love it! It's so much fun. I already have a favorite and she let me pet her yesterday. One has sworn me as his enemy and lets me know every time I walk by. lol. They had warned me that I would get bit at some point and on day two, I did. Thank goodness I saw it coming and pulled my hand away so it didn't hurt. But he got me.

This is a picture of my favorite penguin. She's the sweetest!

So once a week I'm at the Aquarium. Landon has been going to the youth center before and after school on the days that I have to go and he loves it. It gives him time to play and hang out with his friends and I no longer feel guilty for doing something for me.

Besides that I've been helping on committees for the boat, helping once a week in Littles class and our house is all decorated for Christmas! Yes, you read that right. Christmas! I will try to update more once I get the hang of all of this. I have some great recipes and craft that I have to post! I've also been reading some great books I want to tell everyone about!