Thursday, November 18, 2010

I've been holding out!

This summer I took an amazing trip to Forks, WA. If you missed it go HERE to read about it!

While we were there, we stayed in the "Cullen House". It was a beautiful B&B there in Forks and we had the most amazing time. I recommend staying there if you ever go.

In my post I told you to remember this picture. It was taken standing right outside our room at the B&B.

Did you wonder why I told you to remember it? Well, while we were there we got to see The Hillywood Show shooting their new parody for Eclipse! They just happened to be filming while we were there and they were using the same spot I'm standing in in the picture!

Since they were using the window to our room, we couldn't go inside and turn our lights on(and sitting in the dark is no fun) so they let us watch! They asked that I please not share any of the information until the video came out since they like the music to be a surprise and we were sitting there listening to them. I also got to meet their mom & dad who are two of the nicest people I've ever met.

Here is their latest video! The part in front of the window is at 7:30.

They were so nice and even came over and talked for a bit before they had to go. The videos and everything are done by the two sisters. One acts in everything while the other one is the one who is filming and edits it all!

It was so fun getting to watch them film and I'm glad we just happened to be there at the right time!

If you haven't seen their videos, go watch them. They're amazing!


mommymichael said...

dude. that kid is so buff. how did you hold back from licking him???? ;)

~His~ said...

Loved the video!!!