Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Spirit Week & Halloween party!

Landon loves school. I honestly think choosing to take the full day spot was one of the best things we have done. He's learning so much and because he's there all day he's made some great friends and gotten to do some amazing things.

Last week at school it was spirit week. Landon thought it was so much fun getting to do something different everyday.

Monday was pajama day! We almost forgot and I was so glad his warm ones were clean!(it was a little bit of a bad mommy moment. But it could have been worse). He thought it was so great that he got to wear PJ's to school.

Tuesday was crazy hair day. He doesn't have much hair to do anything with, but he liked that I put stuff in it to make it stand up.

Close up.

Wednesday was crazy hat day! We don't really have crazy ones, but his snow hat worked just fine!

He did tell me that it wasn't crazy enough. Next year it wants it "SUPER CRAZY!" haha.

Thursday was backwards day. Didn't take a picture.......

Then Friday was orange & black day, but if they wanted to they could bring their costumes to wear for their class party.

I went in early to help with the party. I helped get it all set up and ended up staying the rest of the day to help. The kids made crafts and played a few games. They even went on a "parade" around the school to show off their costumes. It was so cute to see them all dressed up.

Werewolf Landon playing bingo at the party.

Making a popcorn hand.

He loved it! We will be making these next year for sure!

Pasta necklace.

I had a great time getting to be there with him. I've also gotten to know a few of the other moms that help out often. It's so different this year then it was last year. I guess parents(not all, but most I've seen here) don't care as much when it's half day. I'm just glad that he loves school and I hope it's still this way when he's 16! Hahaha, yeah right!

I have more pictures I will post later from the base Halloween party and of trick-or-treating. I had them on here but it was turning to be a much longer post then I care for.