Sunday, November 21, 2010

Oh Target. I love thee! (crafty post)

Target it my poison. I can't seem to get out of there without spending $100. No joke.

I always like to check the "Dollar Spot" section. You can find some of the best things there! This year the Christmas stuff was not lacking(in my mind at least!).

I picked up a few of these and they are SUPER easy!

You will need:

Set of 16 ornaments(they have different colors for whatever color combo you want) $1
Tinsel wreath(they have a few different colors. I liked green and the silver the best) $2.50
Hot glue gun

I arranged them before I started gluing. It made it so much easier! I had about 4 ornaments left over from each batch I did.

Glue them down really well to make sure they stay.

This is one of the silver ones I did.

For $3.50 you can have an easy Christmas wreath!

Finishes and on the wall! (that HoHoHo was also in the 2.50 section!)


Jen said...

girl.... do you really have your DVD's by color??!! hahaha... we have ours by title. hahaha, glad to see im not the only one with organizing OCD ;)

KK said...

Hahaha yes, I do! I knew someone was going to notice it! I'm visual OCD so alphabetically drove me nuts!

LivKit said...

Oh I love them! That is too awesome! I actually had my dvds by color.. but my fiance hates it and changes them when he is home! :( but still I get it! and omg where did you get the stockings? I love them!

KK said...

My husband just laughs at me and points it out to everyone. lol.

Thank you! I think I got them at target a year or two ago.....I had boring ones, so I needed to upgrade!