Monday, October 10, 2011


I'm in a funk this month. I've tried to pull myself out of it...which leads to me just doing things for me. So, I've caught up on my shutterfly books and read a ton, but my poor blog got the shaft.

J is constantly coming and going with the boat which means we are trying to in squeeze every ounce of family time that we can.

As a result of all that running, I've had the migraine from hell for the past week that I can't seem to shake and to top it all off, it was my sisters birthday this week and I miss her more now then ever. I wish I could go lay flowers on her site like the rest of the family, but being 3500 miles away makes that a little hard. I wonder if missing her will always hurt this bad. Will I be better when its been 5 years? Or 10? Or will it always hurt this much? I've had some great talks with Taylor(her daughter) this month. Shes growing into such a lady. She's 13 now and in the 8th grade and at that point where she could really use her mom. I'm glad she has my mom and my other sister there to help her and she knows I'm just a call away. My heart just hurts for her.

Now that I've gotten that all of my chest I feel a little better. Sorry it's so 'all over the place'. I will be back to normal writing this week, I promise.


KERRY said...

Hi, so sorry to hear you feel this way and I'm terribly sorry about your sister...
Try and keep your chin up, easy for me to write that, but you know what I mean :)
Hopefully this week will be a better one for you!