Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th Of July Weekend!

We did a few things this past few days. We went to a BBQ for the boat on Wednesday and it was tons of fun. I got to hang out and chat with a few wives which is always fun. I only have 2 pictures from the BBQ. The first one is Landon sitting with his water balloon (that Jimmy so nicely gave him), the second one was right before he threw it between jimmy's legs and got his crotch soaked (Stephanie told him to do it)


Then today we went to Subfest and it was so much fun! Landon went on a few rides, we ate normal junk food (Carmel apples and funnel cake!) then we watch fire works. Here are a few pictures

Landon sleeping on the way to the base.

He was a little scared in the Ferris wheel.

But liked it at the end.

He rode the trucks all by himself! He was so proud!

The boys were eating still.


As everyone was ooohhh-ing and awwww-ing my smart little child yells "that's stupendous!" man I love him. I don't know any other 3 year olds that use words like that, or better yet know when to use them!


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