Saturday, July 12, 2008

Bring on the rain

Justin is gone and will be for a while. I already miss him like crazy. He did so many great things for us before he left. He ready stories to Landon on the Video camera and did hi, hello messages for every 2 weeks. He got Landon and I both a gift for every month that he will be gone, he also did a kiss jar that is full of Hersey kisses and Landon gets to take one out every day until they are gone because that means daddy is home! I love my husband and I am so glad that I have him. Here are some of the pictures I took before he left.

Justin gave Landon his old boat hat.

They were talking in bed and fell asleep. This was the night before Justin left.

Giving Landon kisses. Justin was getting ready to head down to the boat for the last time. It was a hard morning.

They had a picnic on the Pier a few hours before they were going to pull out. It was so great to spend another hour with him.

Its love!

I love them so very much!

He didn't want to let go.

The Tug hooking up to the boat.

Detaching from the pier.

Landon watching his daddy's boat.

We were so close! I felt like I could touch it!

Tried to spit my gum into the bucket, it hit the rim. bounced off and stuck to the rock. Bummer.

When he found out the boat was gone this is the face I got.


Stephanie said... have some great pics Kim :) I hope you both are doing well...let me know if you need anything. Hopefully I'll see you Monday if I can get out of work by then!

Joe and Samantha said...

great pictures. I took some of your boat pulling away pictures:)

Stephanie said...

I know we're all in this together :) I'm just hoping this goes by semi-quickly. And we will find fun things to do! (and it won't necessarily have to be free soon...once I start work...but free always is better) We'll have to pick a weekend to venture to Saratoga...we can crash at my parents :)