Monday, July 7, 2008

Dino place

So yesterday the boys and I went to the Dinosaur Crossing. It was about a mile and a half of walking trails where every once in a while you would see life size Dino's! I think we saw 30 in total. Landon was so excited to be there he ran ahead most of the time. A few of the dinosaurs were HUGE!!!! Here are some pictures from our day.

He is so stinkin cute! I love that kid!

He was smiling all day! I'm so glad we got to go before Justin left.

I think this was the best picture I got of the whole day!

He cracks me up! I told him I wanted to take a picture so he went over and did this.

Me and Landon.

Landon was trying to stop them from fighting.

I love them!

He has this fake camera that he packs around everywhere, he thought he forgot it and started to cry in the car. Thankfully I remembered that it was in my trunk! Here he is snapping "pictures" of the dinosaurs.

Some of them were a little creepy.

That's my husband for you.

Hahaha I love his face!

Look at how big that thing is!

Standing under it.

The "what am I" box.

Inside the "what am I" box.

Every hour, on the hour the volcano erupts. We were able to see it right as we were leaving. It rumbled and steam came out of it. We had such a great day.


Blonski fam said...

This looks like so much fun!!! I wish we had one of those places here. We miss you guys. Think of you often.

Anonymous said...

I told you he'd have fun. When I took my nephew he had a BLAST! It was me that was going...ehhhh. But as long as he had a blast, awesome.