Sunday, July 20, 2008

Empty or Full?

Here is a blog I wrote else where and here are the responses. Its not about anyone in general but just about life. I don't know where in my life it clicked in my head that something good comes from everything. Feel free to give your feelings on the subject.

I seem to think of myself as a happy person. As happy as one can be while being married and raising a child on their own. I like to think of the glass half full and I am noticing that most people view it as half empty.

from my experience as once being a "glass half empty" kinda guy, i found that i had lacked an open mind to what i really have. i learned lessons the last few years of my life that have made me open my eyes as to whats really going on and to be grateful for what i do have and strive to obtain what i want to have in my life.i would say that a majority of people just..need a wake up call to slap them back into reality. and if they fail to even at least accept and note the good things in their life, they are just being stubborn..

Some people just don't know how to compare. To keep with the analogy, they haven't seen a truly empty glass.

People tend to see less of things when they always want more, instead of being able to appreciate the things the already have.(And, by doing this they tend to lose it all...because they could never truly appreciate the good they already had in their lives.)So i guess it really come down to Greed and a lack of Love and appreciation for ones life.???The human being, is the most complex of all creatures.