Monday, July 14, 2008

Care Package Party EDIT

So I think I am going to start getting Justin first care package ready sometime next week. Does anyone want to come hang out and put them together with me? I have a lot of the boxes that we need to use and I'm all up for sharing. Let me know if you want to do it. I was thinking maybe we could all have one thing that we contribute to the other boxes (something little like hand sanitiser or crossword puzzles) just to get some different things in there. Anyway just let me know I have a few wives who want to do it with me so the more the merrier! Oh and let me know when would work best for you. We can always make it into a potluck.

EDIT- I got the boxes from the post office, oline for free. They are the flat rate military ones. I got quite a few of them so you don't need to bring your own box.


Stephanie said...

Count me in! I still don't know my schedule yet but the later the better..I'll see you tonight!

Sheena Marie said...

Me too!! I want to come! I just need a plane ticket and lots of vacation days!

Joe and Samantha said...

Just to let you know they have actual boxes at the post office for use to send ( APO boxes ) - You can pick one up. They have two sizes - the bigger size is what I used. It's 10.99 for ANY WEIGHT.

Just wanted to let you know :) I sent my first one last weekend ( oreos, beef jerky, granola bars...etc etc )

- Sam

Joe and Samantha said...

Count me in.

If it's next week - Thursday works best for me if it's night or day.

I'll contribute gum to everyones - So when you get a final head count. Let me know!