Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Swim Call 2008!

Thank you to all the ladies that posted this so I could see it! It was so funny watching this and even seeing Justin a few times (pause at 36 seconds)! Once again man I miss that kid! Justin is in black shorts...as were many of the guys, but I paused it and sure enough it was him!

For those who do not live in the submarine world this is what we call a swim call. Its when the sub stops in the middle of the ocean (nothing around) and all of the men get to jump off and swim for a bit. They haven't really been done much since 9/11 but are slowly starting to come back to some of the boats. They are also called "Steel beach days". My husband said it was the best underway yet.

Enjoy! The worlds most expensive slip-n-slide (Quote from Erica).


Joe and Samantha said...

can you get mine to be a video instead of just a link?

Sheena Marie said...

I saw him! I saw him! He's wearing his watch that he almost forgot to bring with him!! I sent this video to Matt and told him to watch how much fun he is going to have when he goes subs... lol

Amaze-a-zing Anna said...

Kim, I'm so glad you found this-- isn't it great? I'm sad to say I watch this regularly and feel all gooey at seeing my man having some fun at sea. If you pause it at 4.38, you will see him doing an amazing bellyflop. I'm so proud of him.

Kat said...

This is a great video! My husband is on the USS Miami out of Groton. I have seen poctures of swim calls, but never a video. Thanks for sharing! I posted it on my blog and linked to you so that I could share it with friends and family. I hope that is okay :)
I also really love the idea of your husband leaving gifts for your son for every month he is gone. I will tell my hubby about that for next deployment. Great blog!