Saturday, March 14, 2009

Home "date" night

I'm a lucky girl, I really am. Justin just seems to get me. He knows when I'm getting upset (and not just with him. Lol) and knows how to calm me down before I freak. He always knows the best time to say something sweet and he always tells me he loves me a million times a day.

Last night while I was cleaning the kitchen he came in and hugged me. He didn't let go for a long while then as he was getting ready to go back to whatever he was doing he whispered in my ear "thank you for being mine", kissed me on the cheek and walked out. It's little things like that, that remind me why I fell in love with him in the first place.

Then after Landon went to bed Justin told me he was going to run to the store to get a movie for us to watch. He came back with snacks, pizza (he said he was craving it? I thought only girls did that) and a really funny movie. We had a date night in the living room. We watched Role Models (which was SSOOOOO funny!), sat on the couch together and had lots of crap food. As much as we love being parents and how much we love that little boy, it's nice to have time just the two of us. I think we are going to do in home date nights more often and I'm not talking just siting on the couch watching movies because we do that all the time. This was different. It was special.

Who would have thought that I would have found the man of my dreams at 15? I sure didn't. I would say that I'm lucky, but luck has nothing to do with it. Fate is more like it.


Joe and Samantha said...

You are lucky!

Monica said...

Came over from SITS. I'm so glad you found and married your soul mate! I am lucky enough to have found the same. We actually watched Role Models last night too. It was hilarious!!

AndreaLeigh said...

that sounds like a lovely night to me. i think dh and i need to head out soon to get some takeout and a movie to watch.

Pam said...

Visiting from SITS. Your husband sounds like a real doll. Lucky you!

*kimmie* said...

Thanks for the advice and for stopping by!