Thursday, March 19, 2009

Backwards Bob

It's been a week of cute stories from home.

My sister Kat called me this morning to tell me what her son Skyler said on the way to drop him off at daycare. He was being unusually quite this morning during the drive so she asked him what was up. He replied...

"I think Kimmy should come over tonight and play monster trucks. Maybe if she saw backwards Bob she would come over more."

I love the way little kids think.

I wish I could go over there more but 3,000 miles isn't an easy trip.


Tonya said...

Yeah, my niece keeps wanting to come see me or me to go see her - she doesn't understand the ocean between us, the time change, or why her Mom can't just bring her over! haha
That's the hard part in this military wife thing!

BeeHappy said...

Kids say the best things! Stopping over from SITS! Your blog is super cute!