Monday, March 16, 2009


My niece and nephew are huge lights in my life. Taylor (10) and Cole(7) are the most amazing little kids. They live about 5-10 minute from my parents house so I always get to hear the great adventures that happen at Grammy and Papa's.
Last night I was talking to my mom and she was telling me about her weekend with the kids. I guess my dad had a wishbone and told the kids they could do it, he explained to them that they had to make a wish and so on. They pulled and Taylor won. I guess Colby was a little sad and my dad could see it in his eyes. My dad looked down at Cole and asked "Well what did you wish for?" Colby waited and then in almost a whisper replied "super powers" then walked away

How stink'n cute is that?! I love that little boy like he was my own.

This is Cole and I on my wedding day.


Brienne said...

SO CUTE!!! :)

Bri0213 said...

Awwww he's adorable

Kelsey said...

Aww, thats so cute. He is adorable!!

Kelsey said...
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Anonymous said...

Aww I want super powers too.

they're the same age as my niece and nephew. =)

mrs. jcd said...

Oh that is so cute! (I miss those kids...)