Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Day With The Bean

I love my dog. I don't write about him as much as I could for some strange reason but I sure do love him! I grew up with Dachshunds and when I was still living at home I raised a deaf mini for my parents. After raising Tucker I knew I could do it on my own. Once we got here to Ct I knew I wanted to get a dog. I waited a while I figured out how exactly I wanted to train it. I read tons of books and asked a lot of advice.

We were getting ready to put a deposit down on an unborn puppy when someone in one of my groups said their neighbor was giving away a puppy. We went and looked at him the next day and fell in love right away.

Landon named him Hundley after the dog on Curious George and its fits him so well! But we call him Hummee Hotdog or Bean. He sleeps in bed with Landon every night and I think it makes me worry about him less (I'm the crazy mom who still checks on their child 10 times in the middle of the night).

He barks at everything and fights with Landon like they are brothers. But he is such a huge part of our family now that I can't imagine what we would do without him. I never knew I could love a dog like this.


Strong "er" then you! said...

Oh how I miss that little dog LMAO! It was a good choice for your family and I enjoyed playing with him when I came over to hang out!

Joe and Samantha said...

Dog is sooo cute!
Any idea what time this party thingy is tonight?

AndreaLeigh said...

he is adorable. i sometimes wish he had opted for a larger dog. how sweet that he sleeps with landon!