Saturday, March 7, 2009

Things I Love. Landon editon!

Since I have nothing better to write about I thought I would tell you a little bit about Landon's favorite things (and the things that I like that he has).


Landon loves the Dinosaur Place here in Connecticut. It's so fun to go to. You walk around a mile long path and find huge Dino's lurking around every corner. In the summer time they even have a little water park that the kids can play in.
The Tag Reader is GREAT! The little pen reads the books to the kids then has games to play with them so they can learn how to spell the words and learn what they mean. This is really great for the airplane and long car trips since you can get headphones to go with it.

Now this is something that I love. Our Jeep jogging stroller was bought for our trip to Disney World. It's great because the seat folds down, it has a nice sun shade, cup holders, snack tray, side bags that can hold all the little things you need, a huge basket underneath, a Ipod hook up with speakers and even has a toy that you can attach to the snack try so kids don't get bored! We love it. It's gone everywhere with us since we got it and Landon still fits in it!

Rainforest Cafe! The food selection isn't the greatest I have to admit and it is a little pricey....BUT the atmosphere makes up for it. They had all of the jungle animals you could think of all around the restaurant and every half hour they put on a show where the lights dim and all the animals move and make noise. I also love all of the huge tropical fish tanks they have in there. Oh and its not just a normal lit place, its dim and it has trees and vines going all up the walls. You really feel like you are in the rainforest.


The Hungry Caterpillar is one of Landon's favorite books. He loves to read it, and tries to every night (but I like to mix it up). It's cool now because his whole room is hungry caterpillar. I just can't seem to find a lot of stuff to go with it.


Soccer! Landon was named after a famous soccer player. Justin and I both played select soccer in school and love the game. We picked our our sons name when we were 16 sitting in sport medicine We hoped that he would love the game just as much as we do....and thankfully he does! Landon has his own little ball that him and the dog kick around almost everyday. I'm glad that we all share the same love!


Old Navy Pj's. For some reason they fit him great and I love all the cool patterns they come out with each season. His favorite ones are the monkey ones I have in the picture except his are shorts not pants.


Oliver & Company. We got him this movie for his birthday and he loves it! He wants to watch it every night before bed. We also got him a Dodger stuffed animal that he now sleeps with every night.


The Leapster is great. It's video games but they are all educational. This is another one of those things that we got for our 7 hour plane trips back home. I was kind of on the fence about getting it for him, I didn't really like the idea of such a small child playing video games (he got it a year and a half ago) but now I love it. He has learned so many great things from it (like what a parallelogram is).

And last but not least....Color Wonder! This is great for the car and even church. I never have to worry about him dropping the markers and it staining everything up since it only colors on the special paper. I always keep a little mini set in my purse or in the car for those unexpected delays. It has saved me quite a few times.


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