Saturday, May 2, 2009

When pigs fly.

I have been sick for a few weeks now..I think I have the Swine Flu AKA the bacon disease. Hahaha just joking. Justin said it wouldn't surprise him since I seem to get every sickness that floats around. all I have is a cough, nothing too terrible and I'm lucky that my throat doesn't hurt at all. But still I hate it.

Landon and I went out yesterday and got him a sand box. He loves it but I really should have waited until it wasn't raining to set it up. He wants to be out there all day and doesn't want to come in when it starts pouring. But as long as he's happy and not down in the dumps because his dad is gone then I'm fine. Play away little boy!

So now my back yard is officially finished! I raked and weeded the garden and got all my plants ready to go for this year, we have the swing set and my patio furniture out and now the sand box. I'm sooo excited to have a BBQ now and have all the kids over to play. I'm hoping to be able to plan one for July but we will see how that goes. Gotta love the Navy!

Random side note. I had almost 800 people come to my blog yesterday. CRAZY! They came to look at my kitchen and no doubt were shocked at how tiny and pink it is. Sorry! Gotta love base housing!


Crazy Shenanigans said...

Oh no! Let's hope it's not the swine flu!

I'm glad you got your yard done! And I hope the sand doesn't make it's way into the house!

Bri0213 said...

ugh i wish i was home... this bites! hope your swine flu goes away soon.... oh and I miss you whispering eye! lol

kkrowan said...

Um Briana..come home now?

Landon keeps telling me that he wants to go to your house to play. He had so much fun the other day.

Stop trying to grab my hang down.

AndreaLeigh said...

we went and got flowers today for the yard. we'll be out there all day tomorrow. definately post pics for us to see!