Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thursday Review

So a lot of these movies are just now coming out on DVD but a couple have been out for a little while. Most of these we have watched on vacation within the past few months so I haven't seen them in a little while.

Four Christmases

We were surprised at how much we liked this movie. It was really funny.

If you haven't seen it. It's about a couple who always go away for the holidays so they don't have to spend it with their families. When their flight is delayed and their families find out about it, they are stuck trying to visit everyone in their families in one day.

Marley & Me

Really cute movie. My only thing negative I would have to say about it is that it doesn't really have a climax. You just sit and watch (which isn't a bad thing) and the movie just gos.

If you haven't seen it. It's about a family and their dog who they claim is "The worlds worst dog".

You laugh you cry and you have a great time watching.

Benjamin Button

We really liked this movie a lot! It was very long so get ready for that. It gets a little slow in parts but it never gets boring. I would recommend everyone watching this one.

If you haven't seen it. It's about a man who is born old (around 80-something) and as he grows older he gets younger. It has a really great story line.

Seven Pounds

Great movie. We really got into it. I don't really have much more to say then that.

If you haven't seen it. It's about a man who is doing extremely nice things for people. At first you have no idea why or what exactly he is doing for them, but it slowly starts to unfold.

Bedtime Stories

Kid pick. It was really cute and funny. Landon loved it because the action always changed (because of the stories). The kids are great in this movie and everyone loved Bugsy.

If you haven't seen it. It's about a man who is watching his niece and nephew. Every night he tells them a story and it comes true (part of it anyway). But the kids control the stories....not him.

Yes Man

Good movie. It was funny. It was just another "classic" Jim Carrey movie. He's the funny guy.

If you haven't seen it. It's about a man who has to say yes to everything. He gets in some crazy situations and once again has to say yes to whatever is asked of him.

No books to review today. I have taken a short break for the "Chronicles of Narnia" to read "My sisters keeper" before it comes out in movie form.


Victoria said...

thanks for the great reviews. I saw 7 Pounds wow what a very sad movie. I cried alot.

Have a great day