Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thursday Review

Since the weather still isn't the best we haven't been doing much. So I don't have much else to post about. But I did get my neflix in the mail this week! So here is a review of a few of the movies I have been watching! and a few books also.

Bride Wars
I loved bride wars. I laughed, I cried and it ended with me a happy little lady. I have to admit that It was a bit predictable but hey that's all good!

If you haven't seen it yet. It's about two best friends who's dream weddings get booked at the same place on the same day. A war between the two starts so that one will change her date. Once again great movie!

Hotel For Dogs
Cute movie! Another one where I laughed and cried (don't judge!). It was all around a feel good movie. They were a little vague on a few details that left me wondering, but hey you can't have everything. The end is...well...different. Cute, but different.

If you haven't seen it. The movie is about a brother and sister who are in foster care. They find an abandoned old hotel and round up all the stray dogs in the city to stay there so they don't go to the pound. Once again really cute movie!

Nights in Rodanthe
Hated it! It sucks and was overly predictable! No wonder it was only $13 at wal-mart after only being out a month. I was so excited since I love Nicholas Sparks but, this one my friends wasn't a keeper.

If you haven't seen it (which you shouldn't). It's about a woman and a man who meet at a hotel that they are staying at on the beach IN...dun dundun Rodanthe! They fall in love and the rest is history. Or is it?

Better Off Dead
An oldie! A must see amazing movie! This is one of the classic movies that my family always watches together and we quote it on a regular basis.

If you haven't seen it. It's about a guy who's girlfriend breaks up with him and I guess is trying to get her back. He does a few stupid things and has the weirdest family EVER! Great movie to watch!


Something Borrowed
Great book. I read this series a few months back but I wanted to share. It's really one of those books where you pick a side, then half way into the book you switch sides. It's really a great book.

If you haven't read it. It's about two best friends. One has always been the pretty, loud & Lovable one where the other has always been quiet and let the other one do the talking. Until the quiet one falls in love with the Fiancee of her best friend.

Something Blue
I can't really tell you much about this one since it's the sequel to the first. But it is a GREAT book. It follows the other side of the story. You get a different view on how the things happened.

Baby Proof
Honestly I didn't care for this one much. I guess I just figured it would be a continuation of the first two but I was wrong. It was predictable and didn't have the best story line. You just wanted to yell at her to get over it!


Bri0213 said...

LOVED bride wars and those emily griffin books... she has a new one out too.... It's called - Love the one your with. I'll be getting it soon lol

Jenn and Eric said...

I LOVED Bridge Wars. Gonna have to agree on Nights of Rodanthe but, it will still become a monthly stable in our house. DH is obsessed with Diane Lane. I swear, he likes her more than he likes me.

Cassie said...

I thought Bride Wars was good too, though predictable. I heard Emily Giffin had really good books. Unfortunately, I started with Baby Proof, thought it was so horrible that I didn't even finish it (which I RARELY do). Maybe I should try one of her other ones?