Sunday, June 27, 2010

Visitors! Beaches/parks.

I have a ton of posts I want to put up, so I'm sorry for the upcoming overload.

Last week while my sister-in-law was in town we had quite a few busy days. One of my favorite consisted of three different state parks, two antique stores, the book barn and a seafood lunch. I'm only going to post about a few of those things right now. The food will be on the food quest and the book barn deserves it's own post. Haha.

Mandy was with us and as always was following with a camera. I love when she does this because I get some amazing pictures to send to Justin on maildrops. 

The first one we went to had the best real beach I've seen here. The sand was amazing and you could tell it wasn't the brought in crap they seem to use more often now.

The second beach was really neat large rocks to climb on. Landon had a blast following his aunt around all of the big rocks. The most amazing part was the shells. I thought the beach was covered in little rocks, but when I got closer I saw it was really shells! EVERYWHERE! it was so neat!
Those are ALL shells!

The last one we went to was my favorite. While the sand was the fake brought in stuff. The area was amazing. They had the most amazing places to picnic and a nice playground for the kids.

We had the most amazing day walking around and playing in the water. And I'm so excited to bring Justin back to these new places with our new picnic basket.